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The Fire Water Reservoir

The earliest records of Bo-Pi-Liao can be traced to a title deed that dates all the way back to 1799. However, there has been speculation that Bo-Pi-Liao was constructed earlier than that. The structure extends from Longshan Temple’s Herb Alley all the way to Longshan Junior High School. The path that you are currently traversing got its peculiar shape 200 years ago, when it had to accommodate the local geography. The plaza you are standing in was a vital channel for local residents to gain access to different parts of the city. Back then, this road could take you all the way to the far eastern city districts of Gong-Guan, Jing-Mei, Xin-Dian, Shi-Ding and Shen-Keng!

During Japanese rule, Taipei underwent extensive development. Guangzhou street, Kangding street and Kunming street were constructed in the surrounding areas, with Guangzhou street being the main road. To accommodate these updates, vendors had to shift their storefronts to face Guangzhou street. This once bustling pathway was therefore converted into a small alley. In 1920, with the establishment of Laosong Elementary School next door, Bo-Pi-Liao was included in the expansion project, preserving many of the buildings that you see before you. Without the preservation efforts, Bo-Pi-Liao would not be the historic landmark that it is today.

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