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19' / 01 / 09 Bopiliao closed on Feb. 4

Bopiliao Historic Block will be closed on Feb 4(Mon) for the Chinese New Year's Eve, and reopen on Feb 5(Tue), 2019.

Happy Chinese new year !

18' / 12 / 27 Bopiliao closed on Dec. 31

Bopiliao Historic Block will be closed on December 31(Mon),and open as usual on January 1(Tue), 2019.

18' / 12 / 07 Winter Solstice Festival in Wanhua

As people gathered at the Taipei Basin, the development of the city started from Wanhua, a special area by the waters. Over the past 200 years, they have cultivated wisdom to deal with harsh living conditions.“Winter Solstice Festival in Wanhua” is an event inspired by the life in old town.

After a year of hard work, it’s time to celebrate! Bopiliao Historic Block welcomes everyone to the festival and enjoy the year-end gathering. Come and join the outdoor feast of music, poetry, and Tangyuan held in Bopiliao Historic Block Square, where people of all ages could get together and experience the passionate, warm and loving atmosphere in Wanhua.

Winter Solstice Festival in Wanhua

Date:2018.12.21 Fri.—12.23 Sun.
Venue:Bopiliao Historic Block Square
(Ln. 173, Kangding Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)

18' / 11 / 01 Restrooms in no.29 closed from 11/1 to 12/10

Restrooms in no.29 are closed for repairs from 11/1 to 12/10.

Please use restrooms in no.141 instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.